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Credit Recovery

At AFJH, we are striving to prepare every student with the necessary skills to be successful. If your student has failed or is failing any of their classes it is an indicator that they have not mastered the essential learning. Each year builds on the one before. It is important to make necessary changes that will prepare your student to be successful in high school and beyond. Below are some ways to help your student be successful in school.

1       Teacher Help     Students have the option to meet with their teachers before or after school or during Cavetime to get help or clarification on                                        their schoolwork.

2       Skyward Access     Your Skyward access is vital to see real-time progress. Details on grades and class assignments can be viewed. Please                                                       contact us if you are having trouble logging in to Skyward.

3       Canvas     The address below will take you to resources to guide you through the various technologies you may find yourself using at AFJH.                                                            

4       Counselors     Sometimes failing grades are a result of other concerns. Counselors can help to set up a plan for success.

Additional options for credit make up include:

East Shore Online: for additional information visit