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October 2015


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Upcoming Dates & Activities

  • September 30: Assembly- Author Scott Savage
  • October 5-9: Book Fair
  • October 6: Spirit Night- Zupas
  • October 6: SCC Meeting 4:00pm
  • October 7-8: Parent Teacher Conferences
  • October 7: Walk-to-School Day
  • October 7: PTA Meeting 9:30
  • October 15-16: Fall Break
  • October 19: Professional Development Day

The Owl Post

Message from our Principal

Dear Parents,

Dry Creek is such an amazing facility! It is wonderful to have such a beautiful place for learning to happen. Outside play during recess helps facilitate great learning experiences for our students.

Our playground is in need of an upgrade, as we are growing with over 900 students in school this year. The more there is to do on the playground, the more creative play our kids achieve. The more movement they get at recess, the more prepared they are to concentrate and learn in the classroom. More creative play also helps to prevent problems that can arise on a playground.

This year we would like to put 100% of our fundraised money into this playground upgrade. The PTA has agreed to help supply a significant amount of funds towards this goal as well.

Our school sponsored fundraiser begins October 20th and I invite you to participate. We are working with Believe Kids and will be selling all occasion gifts, magazines, and gift wrap products. I have heard some feedback that some parents would be happy to participate in donating to the school but do not want any of their donated funds going to a company. For this reason we have set up a way to donate through the Alpine Foundation towards the playground. Any money donated directly through the foundation to the school will also be tax deductible. Please go to our website’s homepage at the bottom and you can click the donate button. When donating please specify it is for the Playground Fundraiser.

As soon as the design for the additional playground is completed I will send out a picture of it so that students and parents can see the plans. This project truly will benefit all of our students at Dry Creek and I encourage you to donate to help make it happen.

Mr. Rencher


Message from our PTA

I’ll make this quick because I know we are all busy. I know there is a big upset with the adult size tee shirts. I will be available during Parent Teacher Conferences to trade sizes if you haven’t worn or washed them. If you want to buy a shirt, I have extra. Please come to our meeting Wednesday at 9:30 in room 121 to get all the goodies going on this month. Due to fortunate circumstances, our Macey’s School Cents Day will be the same day as the BYU Tailgate Party! Make sure your Perks card is linked and earn our school some money on the 23rd. We made second most of the schools participating last year. Let’s see if we can be first this year! If you don’t shop Macey’s, come to Zupas on the 6th for dinner and that will also do the trick. Thank you again for your continued support to make our school a great one.

Di Snarr

PTA President

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